Counting Station Information

The following are the professionals of the AAAAI certified counting stations, who volunteer their time and effort to provide the highest quality of information. Most states have one or more pollen counters that report their findings to the NAB.

Findlay Allergy
Station Head(s): Ghassan S. Safadi, MD FAAAAI
1818 Chapel Drive, Suite A
Findlay, OH 45840-1344
Phone: (419) 427-2900

Please note: The Web sites of each counting station (if available) are not endorsed by the NAB or the AAAAI. Pollen counters are not available in every state. Search for other Counting Stations.

Members of the National Allergy Bureau are required to become certified and to maintain their certification. The AAAAI certification program is administered through the AAAAI Aerobiology Committee. This program requires candidates to successfully complete both a 70-question multiple choice and a slide identification exam. To be a pollen counter, the applicant must accurately identify and count pollen on an actual pollen slide; to be a mold counter, an applicant must accurately identify and count mold spores on an actual mold slide. Once certified, a station must collect samples a minimum of three days per week, NAB stations counting molds and pollen grains operate with a volumetric air sampler, which are manufactured in England. Stations only counting pollen grains may operate with rotation impact samplers, which are manufactured in the U.S. or Canada. The sampler must be situated on an unobstructed rooftop at least one story above ground with no local pollen and/or mold spore sources.

For more information about the National Allergy Bureau, contact:

Manager, National Allergy Bureau ™
AAAAI Executive Office
555 E. Wells Street
11th Floor
Milwaukee, WI 53202-3823
Phone: 414/272-6071

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