National Allergy Bureau Pollen and Mold Report
Location: San Jose (Station 1), CA Date: December 20, 2014
NAB Station: Theodore J. Chu, M.D.
Station Notes: RAIN all day no pollen

No Trees allergens noted today

No Weeds allergens noted today

No Grass allergens noted today
Top 3 Species:
  • Ascospores: includes Leptosphaeria, Venturia, Ascobolus, Diatrypaceae, Pleospora, Xylaria, Chaetomium, Sporomiella, Claviceps, Ascomycete, et al. (Undifferentiated Ascospores)
  • Basidiospores: includes Coprinus, Agrocybe, Agaricus, Inocybe, Laccaria, Ganoderma, et al. (Undifferentiated Basidiospores)
  • Basidiomycete/Basidiospore (Coprinus-type)
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    Pollen and Mold Details
    This station does not make individual pollen and mold counts available.